Our First blog

We Did it!! Get to know me. 

Hello everyone. I am excited that I finally launched this Idea. It is something that is on my heart and mind for awhile now. I want to explain how this idea came about and how I came up with our lifeboat as the name. 

To be honest I always could not understand why people ended up in the situations you hear about when they lose there homes or cars. But life has given me a glance as to see unfortunately. 

Story time!! It all started a few years ago when our private landlord of 9 years put the house we lived in up for sale. We were shocked to see it. Panic set in as we knew the going rate of rent was astronomical compared to what he was charging us. For that we feel lucky that we were shielded from the rent hike for as long as we did. He said he wanted to see if it would sell. It was posted during the housing price hike when the housing market was booming during COVID.  About  7 months later it did sell. During that time me and my husband found out we were expecting. This was also a shock as I had assistance getting pregnant with our 2 previous children. The conversation with my OB was interesting for sure. This happened at the worst possible time in conjunction with the selling of our home. The new owners took over they offered us a lease but doubled our rent overnight. We looked around and at the time there was nothing available so we had to sign. That made saving to move hard but we did it. Cutting all unnecessary spending bye bye Netflix. Planning for a move and a baby all at once with a doubled cost of rent was just a lot. We did find a place and was able to move a few months after our daughter was born. Then we had car problems. It was just one thing after another of a series events that just kept coming. 

The amounts due every month soon added up to more than i was bringing in even with working more.  Looking for assistance with say my car payment there was no services.  If I lost my car I would have lost my job. What do you pay when all your bills are essential? How do you decided what is more important?  Add in the increased prices of everything from groceries to gas it quickly added up. Soon it just felt like everything was spiraling. The toll on my mental health was significant and still can be felt now. I started to develop alopica during this time of great stress. I was feeling like I was drowning. With no programs, family, or friends to help us out. We were just stuck to try and claw our way out. It literally felt like drowning.

Following the idea of feeling like drowning that why I picked the name of Our LIfeboat. Because even if we do all the right things we may find our selves in the same situations. We are all one series of events or event such as an illness or medical emergency away from a situation like this. 68% of us do not have even 1 month of basic expenses if something happens only 21% of Americans have access to paid leaves. So this is our situation, anyone could need a lifeboat. This program will help to get people financially stable again, working middle class included. I don't think help should only dependent on how much you make but if there is a need.  So this is our (all of us) lifeboat

For my situation I could have shown all the paperwork including the new owners, having a baby, needing to move, car repair bills to show my situation and how this series of events effected my financial situation and the need was there. I don't want anyone to feel the way I did.